Sitecore Learning Mind map

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The Sitecore learning mind map is a list of topics organized by high-level category. Which should help newbie/experienced Sitecore enthusiasts to explore sources by category.

Sitecore Learning Mind Map

You can click here: to open the web version. Which allows you to zoom, scroll and click on links for a few of the topics. (I would like to add the link for all topics someday!)

This list might not have everything as the Sitecore ecosystem has grown a lot! But feel free to create a request in GitHub and I will update it for you!

Community Contributors

| Name | Contribution | |–|–| | @GuitarRich | Recommended to add Leprechaun | | @ugo-quaisse | Recommended to add Browser extensions| | @AmitKumar-AK | Recommended to add modules (Advance Image module,SCLA, Content Export Tool, VS Code for Log,Sitecore URL Mapper 2)| | @sreekrishnan1993 | Recommended to add Learning/Telegram/Coveo/Sitecore User groups|